The MWI is asking for your support

„MWI scholarships enable the future leaders of the church in Africa and Asia to acqire the knowledge they will need in thier future roles. There is hardly any way to help more directly and more personally than by supporting a scholarship holder.”

Cardinal Walter Kasper

I want to b a peacemaker and serve my people in Ethopia - the whole nation.

Father Abba Seyoum Fransua, Ethiopia

Institute of Missiology Missio e.V.

The world – especially in Africa and Asia - is facing several challenges. They can only be met on the basis of knowledge and values.

For more than forty years, the MWI has supported the academic formation of young Christians in Africa and Asia. During their doctoral studies and on the basis of Christian values they acquire a sound knowledge in order to build up a future and thus assume leading positions in their home countries. 

With your support, we provide scholarships that help selected young people to successfully complete their studies – also in Germany and Europe – and to acquire the needed qualifaications for their future responsibilities in Africa and Asia.

We do believe in the principle of sustainability. With each scholarship we sow the seed in order to find better ways and means to achieve a sustained improvement of the living conditions of many people in the world. Thereby we fulfill our mission to develop the church and to improve the life of humankind on our earth. 

Your support, in whatever form, will help to qualify young people. This is indeed a sustainable investment in the future of our planet and helps to solve many urgent questions concerning our future.


Important information:

Applications for a scholarship for studies in Germany and Rome must be submitted with all documents to the Institute of Missiology by January 15, 2021. Otherwise, the application can only be processed for the following year.